TTC Textile Transfer Paper

Special coated Transfer Paper for white or light coloured fabrics or fabric coated products such as T-Shirts, Mousepads, Jigsaw Puzzles etc. The coating formula provides the ultimate softness at an unexpected solid washing durability.

The choice between TTC 3.1/3.3/3.5 is depending on the model of the Laser printer/copier.

For the right Media/Paper setting, please consult the "Compatibility Guides"

For more information, please read the Transfer Paper User Guide and the Transfer Paper Feeding Guide.

TTC 3.1 – 110Base

For white/light coloured Fabrics or fabric coated Products like T-Shirts, JigsawPuzzle, MousePads etc. The Coating Formula provides for the ultimate Softness at an unexpected solid washing durability.

TTC 3.1Plus – 110Base

For white/light coloured coarse weave Fabrics like SweatShirts, PoloPique, Canvas, Denim etc. Slightly heavier Coating to reach into the deeper weave.

TTC 3.3 – 95Base

Same like TTC3.1 but slightly lower weight Base to support Plain Paper Fusing for certain older Copier /Printer Models or higher Production Speed.

TTC3.5 – 130Base

Same like TTC3.1 but slightly higher weight Base to support single-pass, 'oil-less' Toner, 40+ pages Devices.


Available sizes   A3/A4/A4R

Quantity per box 100 sheets

For more information see the Application Demo Clip

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