Transfer Media

In this section you will find the complete range of TheMagicTouch Transfer Printing Media. Also included is a generic processing instruction for each type of media. Before you decide to purchase and use our products read and observe the Transfer Paper User's Guide.

Note: The 'Most common media selection' under each product is only a suggestion based upon general experience and will vary depending on the condition and age of the copier/printer. We expressly refuse any liability claim based on these suggestions.

TTC Transfer Paper
to decorate light coloured fabrics

OBM Transfer Paper
to decorate dark coloured fabrics

WoW Transfer Paper
freeform designs onto

CPM Transfer Paper
to decorate non-fabric smooth surface

DCT WaterSlide Decal

ORD Transfer Paper
to decorate Acrylic, Glass and Crystal

Temporary Tattoo

Specialty Media

T.One Transfer Paper
to decorate light colour garment


RST Transfer Paper
to decorate rough and soft surfaces

TheMagicTouch Textile light Transfer Paper TheMagicTouch Transfer Paper for dark fabric/textile products TheMagicTouch Transfer Paper, freeform designs onto fabrics TheMagicTouch Transfer Paper for non-fabric smooth surfaces RST TheMagicTouch Transfer Paper, waterslide decal TheMagicTouch Transfer Paper for Acrylic, Glass and Crystal TheMagicTouch Temporary Tattoo TheMagicTouch Transfer Paper

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