TheMagicTouch TTC and CPM Transfer Papers in A4/Letter formats need always to be processed in the direction of the Arrows printed on the backside to avoid potential Jams in the Fuser of the Copier/Printer.

All TTC and CPM Products are available in regular A4/Letter and also in A4R/LetterR. ('R' like 'rotated')

Therefore, all A4/Letter size Printers and MultiFunction Devices should use A4R formats only!

All A3/11"x17" size Printers or MultiFunction Devices can use both A4 and A4R but the Papers must always feed in Arrow direction.

Transfer Paper Feeding Guide


Never feed A4 TTC and CPM Paper with the

short side first!

TheMagicTouch A4R TheMagicTouch A4

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