In fact, TheMagicTouch Transfer Printing System allows you to print Full Colour on almost any Substrate or Product you can think of. Depending on the Colour Laser Device you use Image Resolution can be up to 2400 dpi and will be transferred without any dilution. The Process is fast, safe and simple. Products will be printed in a matter of Seconds without calling for a trained professional Printer. The beauty of the System is that it does not require minimum quantities to cover the set-up cost: Minimum Order is One! No matter whether you want to print on Fabrics, Cardboard, Plastics, Leather, Ceramics, Glass or Metal, TheMagicTouch Transfer Printing System does it:

One for all...all for One!

TheMagicTouch Transfer Printing System

TheMagicTouch Transfer Printing System

Transfer Printing System EquipmentTheMagicTouch Transfer Printing System

Transfer Paper prints on black or dark coloured Fabrics, Leather and
the like.

For any colour Fabric or fabric coated Products, no cutting and no weeding required.

Transfer Paper prints on white or light coloured non-fabric Materials like Cardboard, Plastic,Metal, Ceramic and more.

Temporary Tattoo Transfer Paper.

Transfer Paper for transfer onto Acrylic, Glass and Crystal.

Transfer Paper prints on non-fabric Products with smooth surfaces as a water-release Decal Film.

Transfer Paper prints on white or light coloured Fabrics and the like.

Transfer paper for non-fabric producs and substrates like untreated wood, cork and more.

Transfer paper to decrate white or light colour garment with no coating film outside the image area.

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