DCT WaterSlide Decal Transfer Paper

Special coated water-release slide-off decal transfer paper for non-fabric, smooth surfaces such as glass, ceramics, metals, wax candles, soap, which cannot fit into a heat transfer press or cannot withstand heat.

For the right Media/Paper setting, please consult the  "Compatibility Guides"

For more information, please read the Transfer Paper User Guide and the Transfer Paper Feeding Guide.


For non-fabric smooth surface Substrates which would not hold up to heat or odd-shaped so they would not fit into a Heat Press like Candles, Soap and Model Cars, but also Products made from Glass, Ceramic and Metal. Compatible with all currently available Toner Systems including ‘oil-less’ Systems.


Same like DCT4.5C but for dark coloured Surfaces or Substrates.


Available sizes   A3/A4
Quantity per box 50 sheets DCT4.5C/4.5W

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